Talent Management and Strategy

The Healthy Forest

A healthy forest is made up of strong and properly nurtured trees – trees that have developed root systems in rich soil with strong limbs. It takes all the individual trees to create a perfect environment for the forest to thrive and renew itself. Organizations likewise thrive when their talent is nurtured and developed to their full potential.

Talent Management and Strategy

Human capital is an organization’s most valuable asset, but organizations are faced with many challenges – finding the best talent, developing the best talent, and keeping the best talent.

All three challenges demand defining what “talent” means for an organization. Implementing talent management and strategy can completely change the way an organization nurtures and maximizes its people, creating individual and organizational growth and towering strength.

Organization and Individual Competency Mapping

• What competencies are necessary for our organization to grow and embrace change?
• What competencies are necessary for our leaders to guide teams to success?
• Do we have paths for individual employees to grow within the organization?
• How do we leverage individual growth as a company?

Competency Development and Training

• How do we develop specific competencies for true effectiveness?
• How do we leverage the talents and competencies of our leaders to deepen these talents at the organizational level?

Leadership Development

• How do we identify up-and-coming leaders and prepare these individuals for personal success and organizational growth?
•How do we improve the effectiveness of our current leader and thereby improve the effectiveness of our organization?
• How do I align the leaders in my organization on development and people strategies?

Succession Planning

• How will I ensure that I leave a legacy of success when I leave the organization?
• How can we prevent gaps in knowledge and performance when leaders retire, get promoted, or leave abruptly?