Purposeful Culture Change

Seeds of Opportunity

Seeds are planted and nourished, cultivated to grow into strong, enduring plants. But many times, plants are repotted to provide more room to grow. To be a successful repotting, it is necessary to keep some of the original soil and nutrients so the plant can thrive. Culture change is a bit like the repotting of a plant – removing someone from a comfortable environment, keeping what is best, and growing and thriving in a new environment.

Purposeful Culture Change

An organization’s culture is both open and resistant to change. In an effort to improve, people in organizations seek growth and development opportunities, but also find comfort in knowing “how we do things.”

Continued growth requires adaptation and seeds of opportunity.

To overcome challenges, it is often necessary to be purposeful in culture change, regardless of comfort level. Despite many leaders’ past experiences, change can occur successfully, and, most importantly, with a team’s buy-in and support. Framework Strategies will partner with you to grow a purposeful and fully supported change.

Cultural Assessment and Diagnosis

• What is our current cultural blueprint?
• What do we believe as an organization?
• What do we gain and lose as a result of who we are?
• Who are we not, and what do we gain and lose as a result?

Facilitation of Deep Culture Change

• Engagement of front line employees, managers, and leaders in the new culture
• Toolbox for helping leaders create and sustain cultural change

Cultural Strategy and Design

• Who and what do we want to be?
• Who and what do we need to be?
• What do we need to do to close the gap?