The true nature of things
is that we all need

Reframe Your Growth Strategy

Framework Strategies was formed in 2005 with the intent of growing effectiveness for both organizations and individuals through purposeful development. By nature, organizations poised for growth are rooted in excellence and have proven success in weathering past storms. However, strong organizations and individuals know that adaptive strategies are needed to continually face the challenge of thriving in a changing landscape. Framework Strategies reframes talent and quality to cultivate stronger, healthier growth.

We all can grow healthier and stronger.

Culture Change

An organization’s culture is both open and resistant to change. In an effort to improve, people in organizations seek growth and development opportunities, but also find comfort in knowing “how we do things.”

Executive Coaching

In an effort to increase presence, improve value, or consciously engage people, executives and leaders often seek to understand the impact he or she makes on an organization and those he or she leads.

Talent Management

Human capital is an organization’s most valuable asset, but organizations are faced with many challenges – finding the best talent, developing the best talent, and keeping the best talent.

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What People Say

Here’s what others say about working with Framework Strategies.

Aimee Hansen was so helpful to me. In my day-to-day work, I am able to expound eloquently on the work at hand. However, I have a hard time promoting or branding myself. Aimee was able to help me accent my strengths, expertise and passion.
Stacy Horn KochSKH Consulting, President
When I was President of my professional organization, the club had a crisis that threatened to split it apart. Under Aimee’s coaching, she allowed me to see this as a leadership opportunity. She encouraged a meeting that allowed all sides to get together and listen to each other. It was a unifying occasion and the crisis was averted. That year we won Club of the Year and I became President of the Year.
Connie McLeodAmerican Advertising Federation - Baton Rouge, Past President
Aimee was critical in our recent efforts to merge executive teams after a rapid industry acquisition. With her leadership, we transitioned from two groups of leaders with distinctly different ideas to become one true team, focused and excited about our future.
Michael SpunnerWhite-Spunner Construction, CHRO